Becoming an unstoppable woman influencer isn't just about social media. It's about the positive influence you have created within your community, business and life.
The women in this book have gone above and beyond all measures in providing an impact both locally and globally, now they are going to teach and encourage you to do the same.
It's never too late to make a positive impact
This book is a culmination of years of hard work from women who have gone above and beyond all measures in providing an
impact both locally and globally, now they are going to teach and encourage you to do the same.
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30 Authors
Actionable Strategies
Awesome Community
Expert women from around the world sharing their wisdom.
Learn actionable strategies that you can implement right away to see results.
You're not only getting a book, you become a part of an awesome community.
  • Working to have a positive impact feels good
  • It gives you a sense of purpose
  • It improves your self-esteem and changes your outlook
  • It keeps things in perspective and staves off stress.
Leader, author, consultant, coach, and mentor, Pauline is committed to helping professional women heal and grow into their best authentic selves in their personal life and in their career! Growing up in a household where there were strong limiting beliefs, Pauline strived to become so much more than what her family was telling her she could do. All she did know as a child was what she DID NOT want to become, and that was to become any of the people holding her back! 
 Surviving abuse, divorce, depression, bullying and harassment in the workplace as a single mother of three (8 months, 20 months and 4-year-old), now young adult children. Her mission is to help women find their voice so they can be empowered to make different decisions, that will lead them on to their most fulfilling lives. She strives to reach millions worldwide by adding to the ripple effect.
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A better world starts with you!
  • Have a positive impact on others
  • Create a positive community for other women
  • Support causes that matter to you
Do you wish you could...
NOW is your time to start!
Why should you Become an Unstoppable Woman Influencer:
  • Raise awareness to a positive cause
  • Utilize your network to maximize your net worth
  • Embrace the fundamentals of collaboration over competition
  • Build a effective, positive, impacting global business
30 Experts. Life Changing Lessons
These women will teach you how to go above and beyond all measures to create an
impact both locally and globally. You will find ways to serve and lead, and know how you too can have an impact!
If you're a woman who is ready to have a positive influence within your community, business and life, then you need to get this book. It is never to late to have a positive impact!!